PCA Skin Peels


PCA Skin Peels are designed to treat specific conditions, such as hyperpigmentation, acne, sensitive, rosacea and aging skin with little to no down time, leaving you with healthy, beautiful skin.

Take the fear out of the words “chemical peel”, as not all chemical peels are the same. PCA chemical peels are NOT invasive like the peels received from a Dermatologist which go to your dermis (the lowest layer of your skin), causing irritating redness, oozing & skin to peel off in large sections which can be dangerous if you pick or peel it off and often require a “down-time” of a week or more.
PCA Chemical Peels DO NOT go down to your dermis rather they slough your skin off, over time, leaving you with hydrated, clear and radiant looking skin. Instant results after first your first peel.

Clinically researched formulations help reduce the depth of surface lines, smooth rough skin texture, treat skin discoloration and redness, and can assist in clearing acneic/blemished skin without the downtime often associated with traditional chemical peels. Gentle ingredients such as alpha hydroxy and acids (AHA), trichloracetic acid (TCA), salicylic acid (BHA), resorcinol, retinol, polyphenol antioxidents, and skin brighteners, are carefully blended and work synergistically to remove dull, damaged surface layers and reveal your smooth, radiant, glowing skin that is hidden below the surface.

PCA SKIN@ treatment philosophy

Healthy skin is beautiful skin

As the largest organ of elimination, the skin is an outer reflection of the health of the body and its systems. Regular use of topical products that preserve, promote and protect healthy skin will lead to a radiant and youthful appearance. Through the elimination of skin issues by fighting free radicals and inflammation, increasing cell turnover and collagen production, we achieve skin wellness.

Customizing for optimal results

Each patient’s skin represents a unique combination of their DNA, environment, lifestyle choices and product usage. Customized regimens for each of the patients is addressed for multiple skin issues simultaneously.

Your First appointment.  The progressive approach

Consumers are often mistaken that if a little of something is good, more is better. This is especially untrue when it comes to treating the skin. Inflammation is the cause of many skin conditions we work to treat, and causing irritation and inflammation in the skin with overly aggressive treatments and products will only worsen, not correct the situation. Gentle treatment delivers more dramatic and consistent outcomes. If the goal is healthy, beautiful skin, then a progressive approach is usually the best choice.

Layer and leave on

PCA SKIN peels are not timed, neutralized and removed from the skin. Instead, they are self-neutralizing and are left on the skin, with the exception of the masks, which are removed with moist cotton pads. The strength and depth of the treatment is controlled by the trained professional based on the number of layers applied during treatment. After peel application, nutritive topicals and calming, broad spectrum SPF products are applied, and the patient leaves with a glowing, healthy complexion.

Important peeling ingredients

PCA uses blends of well-tolerated, safe and effective peeling ingredients in our peel solutions. Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), beta hydroxy acids (BHA), trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and retinoids are used in strategic combinations to address a wide variety of skin concerns. These ingredients work to break down surface buildup and loosen the desmosome bonds holding the keratinocytes together. Ancillary ingredients that nourish, strengthen and protect the skin are incorporated into the formulas so the skin is flooded with these beneficial actives during treatment.

Importance of post-treatment care

When it comes to ensuring dramatic results, the way you take care of your skin post-treatment is almost as important as the peel formulation itself. Each peel manufacturer’s post-procedure recommendations vary, but the basics remain the same: keep the area clean, calm inflammation, protect from UV rays and keep the area hydrated. Gentle products that protect the skin are critical for excellent results. Your first peel comes with the PCA SKIN Post-Procedure Solution Kit complimentary. You  should use these post-procedure products until flaking has resolved, typically three to five days; then the you can return to your recommended skincare routine.

Your skin will thank you, I promise!!! xoxo gretchen